So you've added a meal and you want to start selling it, great!

Step 1

First thing to do is click on "My Sessions" in the navigation menu:

Step 2

Click "Start a new session". A "session" is what we call a period of time that you're actively selling food on GetFed.

Step 3

Next - Enter the time that you want to stop selling on the platform. For example when are you going to bed or going out for the night? You need to enter the time in 24hr style, so "10:30pm" is "22:30".

Step 4

Choose the meal or meals you want to sell from the dropdown of all your meals and hit ADD

Step 5

Select the number of portions and wether it's "ready to eat" or "chilled". Repeat the process with any other meals you want to list. Then hit CONFIRM PORTIONS

The End

That's it! Your meals are now live and available for sale on the GetFed platform! Easy eh?

Ending a session

If you need to stop selling for any reason, just click on "End Session" on the Sessions page:

This will take you to a page where you can stop the session, and thus stop selling food on GetFed, or you can just go back to the sessions page and keep on selling!

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